Seminars going online

In The Olden Days, as in two years ago, seminars and colloquia were almost always about a local researcher or guest being in the same room as the audience, giving a presentation by projecting slides from their computer, and answering questions afterwards. While interaction later might involve project discussions or similar, up to that point there is nothing in such a presentation that actually requires physical presence in the same location. Hence this could be a no-travel interaction in the first place.

Some institutions have hence started online colloquia or seminar series, where the speaker presents from a different location. This is at the same time very resource-responsible, requiring substantially less money than moving speakers across (part of) the world, and is inclusive since typically not only the speaker but also the audience can be distributed – sometimes there isn’t even a main “hub” of an audience localized in the first place but all of the audience is distributed.

Here’s a (growing) list with examples of science online seminar series, with a focus on Astronomy:

  • Joint institute for Nuclear Astrophysics – Center for the Evolution of the Elements: JINA-CEE Online Seminars (Fridays, 2PM EST)

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